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Idea Book

What is an Idea Book?

Close to my Heart makes top of the line paper crafting products. It would be great if they published a “catalogue” with pictures of the current merchandise, but they don’t. Instead, they publish Idea Books twice a year!! Not only are all of their wonderful products on display, but they also out-do themselves in every edition, by including hundreds of inspiring artwork pictures, and by giving step by step instructions – tips and techniques – on how to use the products to achieve gorgeous results!! Even if you never order the products (although chances are, you WILL want to order some!), these Idea Books are must haves!!

Where can I see it?

The products in the current Close to my Heart Idea Book are available for order from August 1st 2012 until January 31st 2013. You can browse the Idea Book online here.

I also highlight some of the products right here on my site.  You can access them in the top menu under Idea Book, or use these links to explore your favorites:

How do I get one?

If you would like a live, feel-it-in-your-hands, paper copy, you can ‘purchase’ one from me for $5.00 (includes shipping). You will receive a $5.00 voucher with it that you can use towards your first purchase…In other words, it’s FREE!! Send me an e-mail -> rgkreations@hotmail.com

I want MORE!

The STAMP SETS from the Autumn/Winter  2012 Idea Book are still available for order until July 31st 2013. None of the other items in this Idea Book are still available unless they are also featured in the Spring/Summer  2013 Idea Book. This is the last chance you’ll get to order the stamps from the Autumn/Winter  2012 Idea Book, so get them while you still can!! You can browse that Idea Book here! These Idea Books are also available for order for $2.50. Older Idea Books are also available for 1$ each. And whichever books you get, you’ll receive vouchers for the same value that can be used towards your purchase!  Contact me to stock up your inspiration bookshelf!!

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